Stagecoach Neighborhood Association (SNA)
HCR 74 PO Box 22263, El Prado NM 87529

SNA Land Use Zoning Overlay

Stagecoach Hills is one of only two neighborhoods in Taos County to have an existing zoning overlay.  The other is Upper Las Colonias,
and at least 14 other neighborhoods have been in the development stage for years. Our overlay was approved in 2006 by Taos County
and made a part of the Taos County Land Use Ordinance.  The SNA overlay created distinct zones within Stagecoach Hills as either
“Residential,” “Commercial,” “Light Commercial/Multiple Family,” or “Agricultural.”

If you have any suggested changes, questions or concerns, please notify myself, John Durham at . Thank you for your interest in your neighborhood, Stagecoach Hills.

John C. Durham
Board President
Stagecoach Neighborhood Association


The approved 2006 SNA zoning overlay:

A jpg of the SNA Zone map can be seen here:
Click to see the SNA map showing the 5 zones on the Taos County website..

The Countywide Zoning Ordinance 2018-2.
Log into On the home page, click on Government, you’ll get a drop down of the various departments in the County. Click on Planning, scroll to the bottom of the page and you’ll find Ordinance 2018-2, Taos County Land Use Regulations.
Here is the direct link:

(If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click to download the application.)

To see the history of the SNA Land Use Overlay evolution, click here.